Understanding and Resolving Dysfunctional Human Behavior
Most if not all people experience some degree of dysfunctional human behavior, specifically anxiety, depression and relationship dysfunction.

We can be anxious and not be aware of it. We can live with a certain level of depression and not know it. Our relationships can be dysfunctional in a way that we do not understand. Despite our lack of awareness all of these conditions can and do dramatically affect the quality of our life. If we have become aware, we might not understand the nature of the condition that plagues us. If we understand it, we might not know how to overcome it.

This site is dedicated to the explanation of these different disorders and to facilitating their resolution.

Common sense definitions and numerous specific examples of each behavior are given. The examples are often real, personal accounts of the experience of the author. There are also accounts of the experience and behavior of others which the author has observed.